Door County Ice Fishing is Underway!

Cast N Catch Report:

Yesterday we were able to get on the Ice just south of Sturgeon Bay. The Ice set in very bumpy this season due to Rewarming, breaking up, and Strong winds. The ice is any were from 4 inches to 10 inches.  Yesterday we were able to get to about 30 FOW. The bite was fast and furious! We caught our limit of Whitefish in about 2hrs.

Today’s bite:


We were able to find the whitefish on a small hump with minimal depth change. The Green Bay whitefish yesterday wanted the bait extremely close to the bottom. We used jigging tactics with jigs and minnows yesterday. Door County Ice conditions are always changing. Once we found the fish we set up the Eskimo Hub Style shack and Fired up the Big Buddy heater! We were toasty warm in just a couple of minutes. Medium Light 13 Fishing Ice Combos rocked all the Whitefish today. We are using 6lb braid to a 6 lb fluorocarbon leader. Braid is a must when getting the hook set on the Whitefish in deeper water.

The Plan This Week:

Currently the ice is almost non existent in the Northern part of the county. This can cause us an issue for Ice Fishing in Sturgeon Bay. Our ice can get blown away with a strong south wind. We need the Northern Door to set in to lock our ice down in Sturgeon Bay.  The current and the Wind and really destroy the ice. The Shipping lanes are remaining open as well which can cause expansion cracks. We are planning to start running guided trips this Thursday Jan 17th. We are not putting out our Custom Built Shacks yet. All trips will be out of Eskimo Hub style shelters with Big Buddy Heaters! Transport will be with Crew Cab Polaris Ranger UTV. We will be working on finding a Deep water Whitefish bite in the next week with easier travel! Call or Message me for Details!

Door County Ice Fishing Guide


Eskimo Hub Shelter & Polaris Ranger

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